Using WDM/WCM top change IE Settings

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    Long story short, I have inherited this WDM/WCM – I come from an SCCM background. Anyways I know how to image the devices (WES7 sysprep process, etc) but what would be the best way to accomodate a new IE settings>

    We are enforcing new TLS security (using GPO for our domain computers) but for our Wyse clients (WES7) who are not on the domain, I imagine using WCM would be the best route.

    I should just be able to go into WCM – IE – make the appropiate change, and it shoudl apply the new “profile” to all the clients? Correct?

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    Is TLS config part of WCM?
    If you are using WDM 5 you can use the Profile Manager instead of WCM. Makes it much easier.


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