Using WDM to Capture, Change, and Push an Image

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    Well, over this last week, I have learned lots about Wyse devices. Recently downloaded and started to use Wyse Device Manager 4.5.3. I learned that I can push out images and also capture images.

    For the Wyse 3150, I took the latest firmware, Build 559, removed the add-ons like IE and ICA (we only need RDP), added the Daylight add-on patch, made configuration changes including adding a user account and password protecting the admin account, and finally capture this image to WDM.

    Afterwards, I was able to push this image to other Wyse 3150 devices. This appears to work as the user account is showing and the admin account is password protected. I haven’t reviewed all configuration changes yet and plan too.

    My question is I have read articles that say I should use ConfGen to push settings to CE versions and/or bundled registry settings with a primer image.

    I realized I still have lots to learn and wanted to confirm that what I’m currently doing is fine? My process appears to be working and yet I have to signoff this project and so any helpful comments would be much appreciated.


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    your process is, let’s say, OK. But your image is very big and still contains a lot of unnecessary things.
    You should do the following:
    – Call Wyse and ask for a CE primer. This is free of charge for you. A primer is a CE firmware without any addons. So only around 9MB in size.
    – Push this primer to a 3150
    – push the wanted addons, like RDP, WDM agent, Time fix, etc to that 3150
    – configure the 3150
    – use WDM to “get device configuration”
    – look under ftprootrapportpackagename for a file called settings.reg
    – use my tool to make out of this settings.reg a CE addon
    – use WDM again to “bundle” one image out of all components
    – right click Package manager – New – Package – CE bundled image
    – use primer a base image
    – do not use any registry settings
    – put all addons including “my” addon
    – the result is a small CE image that contains all addons and settings
    – the best thing is, that it will override all settings on units it will be pushed to and if you do a factory reset some time it will fall back to your settings and not Wyse settings.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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