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    Why is the default User account a member of the Local Administrator’s group. Does the imaging tools use this user account for something?
    Also, any network access to the data folders is denied. How would I enable that feature. This is on a 9455xl.

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    The default User is set up this way to make it simple for users to install software in test (intranets that use activeX and the like to run). Wyse of opted for a locked down profile to stop the user breaking the terminal but a open account.

    Reality check? Of course change the default User account once its set up, there is no need for this user to be in the administrators group. I would not deploy XPe without some extra customisation and lockdown,


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    Here’s the gotcha – if you take the “user” out of administrators, they wont be able to use any custom scripts you’ve got to write changes to the device when the write filter is enabled.

    Case in point – i did just that and took user out of administrators. We run our devices with the write filter enabled but due to the way that the ewf works, you can’t write changes unless you’re an admin.

    If this isn’t an issue or you’ve got write filter disabled, then you should be fine.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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