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    Hello, I’m VERY new to the thin client world and am having a heck of a time figuring out how to setup printing for the thin clients… here’s the scenario.

    I have 6 WYSE 3125 terminals (running CE 5) that will be deployed for a checkin system. I am able to use RDP to login to the Remote Desktop server just fine. I have attached a USB touchscreen monitor and it works just fine. I cannot get USB printing to work on the local thin client at all. Here’s what I have done.

    *searched many forums extensively.
    *on the thin client i:
    -went into “Client Printers”
    -added a new printer
    -did a user defined printer (it’s a Zebra LP 2844-Z Label printer)
    -made sure i named it just like the driver (on a Windows 2008 RD2 machine)
    -went into the network properties on the thin client and gave it an IP of

    So my question is this… how should I set this up on the server so that I’m able to print from the thin client while in an RDP session? Everytime I try to add a new port using the IP address, I try printing a test page and nothing happens.

    Thanks so much. This would GREATLY help me out if somebody could help me out on this.

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    When you really use th correct Printername (same like the printer driver name), then the printer object should be autocreated after the RDP session was established.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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