USB Mass storage devices not working

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    when we plug in any USN mass storage device inot our 3150’s they don’t work..

    any idea’s/suggestions welcome.

    we have pushed out all all the latest firmware/images from Wyse (using Rapport)

    regards – glen

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    Hi Glen,

    Unfortunaltly CE does not support all mass storage devices, that said Microsoft are working on this. Are you using the mass storage add-on build 26 as so far this supports the most devices,


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    I bought in ebay some 30 pieces of theese beatiful devices, with idea FIX, – to make small bisness…
    When I try to boot 3125SE it dont recognise USB, and ask about USB key driver, and so… I was very surprised when I boot with similar device!
    But than I see that it`s 3150SE. ..
    Which system I boot?- it is puppy linux – only 50Mb;
    I made something with following soft: unebootin-windows.357.exe,
    USB key puppy boot was made on win2000
    I don`t, realy understand what I do and how it gone, but it realy works, and it is major…
    And so it`s possible to pump -in and -out diferent movies, soft and other trash, through all night, with only 12×2,5=30 Watt power consumption!!!


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