USB Cameras via Citrix and Wyse terminals

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    I have a customer running 1125SE terminals (5.2.06) with Citrix 5.0 (but can upgrade to latest versions).

    They have a new application that takes photos of person for membership cards via a usb camera. (currently logitech)

    Can the this Wyse terminal send the data to citrix (usb device)

    Which Wyse terminal would you be recommending if this is possible to upgrade to (Blazer OS would be nice as this is very fast and easy to configure via ftp.)

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    Any USB device which register himself like a “mass storage device” should work fine (i thought the file system should be FAT32).

    Just check the system log when you connect the USB device, once that is fine you should be able to setup how the connect USB device should be visible for the users (like a Z drive or not for example).

    But if you are looking for a different solution like the application should connect to the connected USB device well i guess there’s some solution for that but you should check out for Wyse TCX Suite or VDI kind a things.

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    Hey guys! I ran into this post by accident and thought that my message would be of any use to you or someone ales. Recently I had a similar problem with my webcam. I couldn’t redirect it to my remote session with Citrix. I googled and found an app USB for Remote Desktop. Check for.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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