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    Hi all, I’m a bit of a newbie to the whole Wyse term business, so I was wondering if someone could illuminate me on a couple of things regarding the S30

    With an out of a box terminal, I cannot do an FTP firmware upgrade with the firmware from wyse.com, I get the ‘upgrade failed’ error. I’m sure this has something to do with the terminal running out of memory, because when I reboot the device, the firmware has been installed, but not all the addons.

    Is it standard for Wyse terms to not have enough memory for the default firmware or are we being ripped off?

    Is there a basic version of the firmware available? (eg, no add-ons, just the OS)

    What is the memory size that most people have on their S30’s? My device has about 31MB flash memory when I check the Add-ons window – when I look at the System info – General tab I see RAM is only 61MB

    At the moment there isnt room on the device to install the IE add-on, so there doesnt seem like a lot of point of even running these things, I might as well go back to S10’s

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    The standard firmware should fit on the S30 with no problems, I think there is something wrong with your unit.

    Try loading the firmware with simple imager as this will re-format the flash. If the terminal still does not load the firmware correctly I would look at getting it replaced, my guess is the Simple Imager re-load will do the job,


    By the way – I would use a S10 over a S30 anyday!

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    Ok, thanks for the tip, I’ll give it a go

    And yes, I prefer the S10 myself 🙂

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