Unattended Uninstall of Citrix Receiver – WES/WDM 4.8

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    Hello, I’ve been trying to script the removal of the Citrix Receiver from our WES TC’s using WDM 4.8 but I cannot get it to just reboot or even just finish at the end of the uninstall. It pops up a prompt asking if I want to reboot or postpone and therefor cannot work unattended.

    I’ve tried every switch imaginable for the msiexec. The /quiet switch is working because if I do not use it, it asks if I want to remove the product when the EX is sent. With the /quiet switch the uninstall just takes place without prompting. But at the end it prompts for reboot. I believe the prompt may be coming from the Receiver/online plugin bundle itself?

    The command that works to remove the product is this:
    EX “MsiExec.exe /X{13E306E6-D691-4D41-8485-C43945C2CEEC} /quiet”

    Interestingly, with the “/quiet” switch in there it only works from a command prompt on the TC. To get it to work from WDM I have to remove that switch?

    Anyone have any experience with this or any input at all? Your time is greatly appreciated.


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    have you tried to add a RB command at the next line in your script?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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