Unable to find initial program /root.i2u

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    I am having issues with imaging WYSE terminals to our new site via WDM 4.7.2 , we have 5 sites all working like image via network PXE

    Now what happens with our new site is the following:

    Terminal connect to the WDM server via PXE boot

    Gets to the stage the stage uploading image

    then comes with the error below:

    unable to find initial program /root.i2u

    Now when i image others in other sites it works

    We have the WDM on Server 2003 and the terminals are V90L

    I have checked out topics on this site and there was one that recomened “Copy the folder toolssa from the install folder of WDM to ftprootrapport. “

    That was done with no success

    Any ideas? ❓

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    I remember having a similar problem when I upgraded to WDM 4.7.2, I think the thing I checked was the TFTP path, I found it had 2 backslashes (so something like C:Program FilesWDM\TFTP) and getting rid of the extra backslash made it work.
    Also, something else I ran into recently, the TFTP server didn’t seem to be serving files (or recieving them either I guess, wasn’t trying to pull an image at that stage), so as stupid as it sounds, in WDM Preferences uncheck ‘Start TFTP Server’, click OK, then re-check it and try again.

    Hope that helps

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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