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    Hello all,

    Recently Wyse convinced my organization to purchase hundreds of 9150SE’s with Windows XPe. Hundreds. We were told we could use the WDM version 4.5.+ to find and manage these devices using only MSDE and a single server. No repositories. We are not doing images since we consider these devices “throw aways” once they break (we got them SUPER cheap). We already have several dozen of these devices but can only detect the devices that reside on the same floor as the WDM server. However, newer devices we have scattered throughout the enterprise, our V90’s, are able to “check in” to the server.

    I’ve been reading a ton of information and post about thise soret of problem and it looks like I either need back down to the 4.4 WDM or install the HAgent on the new devices. The documentation is vague at best and if someone could just help me sort this out or point me in the right direction, I would be greatly appriciative.

    Thank you,


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    In the image that is installed on the 9150 is there a Rapport applet in the Control Panel?
    Look for a file named Hagent.exe and check the file version.


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    Thanks for the response!

    We do have the Rapport applet in the control panel and the file version is

    I also just discovered a few minutes ago that if I manually enter a device on one of the other subnets/floors in our building, then delete, Rapport will suddenly detect all the devices on that subnet.

    It looks like I might be missing somehting in the configuration for subnets/IP’s….

    Thanks again!

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    I have a site using 600 9150 device with Rapport 4.4.1 and it works great. What we found though was that when we upgraded to WDM 4.5.x you need to update the hagent on the device to make it check in correctly.

    To discover the devices add a IP range to WDM, to older agent does not discover if you use a subnet search.

    You can also use IPhelpers to force the devices to check in. Do you have lots of WAN links? Will you be imaging these devices over the wire? I have found 9150’s always to work even thought they are an older device,


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