TIP: Getting Citrix PN 10.1 SSON to work

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    This is for anyone who, like me, was pulling their hair out because Citrix broke all of our configuration scripts when they updated V90 class firmware with PN 10.1

    I wrote a script, which, among other things, enables Single Sign-on otherwise known as Passthrough Authentication. For Citrix Program Neighborhood. This was working fine all the way up to version 10.0.5x

    Something changed in 10.1 so that the normal procedure of simply dropping in a couple .ini files into the default user’s ICA Client folder no longer works.

    Here’s what you have to do now…

    Either log into the winterm as Administrator and manually enable “Pass-Through Authentication” and “Use Local Credentials to Log on” checkboxes. (note, unless it tells you that you will have to log off for the settings to take effect then you haven’t done it right.)

    OR – here’s the missing peice of the puzzle that can be added to any existing script. Import the following .reg file:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




    "Name"="Citrix Single Sign On"
    "ProviderPath"="C:\Program Files\Citrix\ICA Client\pnsson.dll"


    Once you add these registry changes, log off and back on and SSONSVR.EXE will be running and you will again be able to use Single Sign on in Citrix 10.1 (which is installed in V90LE firmware ver. 4.05).

    The way I found this was dumping the registry file (win9x version) before and after getting this passthrough authentication working. Then I used WinDiff to see what changed. These changes are the only ones necessary to get it working without having to go in there and check the boxes by hand.

    This discovery came at the last possible moment for me because the IT director at my company just ordered 16 V90LE winterms to be delivered straight from the factory to different offices around the country, and I had written a configuration script that completely configures these little guys to be full-fledged workstations. It already worked perfectly for version 4.03, and I found out late in the game that version 4.05 broke the script. By then it was too late to get the 4.03 firmware from Wyse so I could just flash them back to 4.03. At least now I have the 4.05 version of my script working and a way to flash these winterms back to 4.05 using USB. The boss is happy. Thanks to the guys who put together the USB flashing package! Combined with my script, it’s enabled our company to save time and money and ditch Wyse Device Manager altogether.

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    That is a great update! Thanks so much for Sharing!



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