Time change NOT an issue

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    It is important to note that thin (and fat) clients used purely for Citrix are really not impacted at all by any time change. Citrix servers only look at the client’s time zone (NOT clock) and then adjust thier own clock accordingly.

    I apologize for the post to each platform, especially Blazer/WTOS. But I am hoping others might avoid an unnessary last minute rush to patch thin clients that my company experienced. Plus I learned something new about Citrix and wanted to pass it on.

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    Yes and no…

    For the recent US change you are correct if the time zone patch is applied to the Citrix server.

    In Australia we had 2 timezone changes and the MS fix actually altered the name of the time zone. This meant that you have to patch the clients and Citrix server so the zones could be matched at login.

    Its a good point you make as the article I posted makes it appear that you have to patch XPe but this may not be that case, nice pickup!


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