ThinOS 9.1.2101 / Audio configuration

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    Hello !
    We have a Dell Wyse 5470 AIO running ThinOS 9.1_2101, as well as several Dell Wyse 3040s running ThinOS 8.6_606.
    Our users are on Citrix.
    I want users to be able to choose and change their audio device in their Citrix session.
    On our Wyse ThinOS 8.6, I managed to get this to work thanks to the following settings in WMS :

    Remote Connections:
    Peripheral Behavior:
    Sound: Yes
    Enable USB Redirection: No
    Global Session Settings:
    Map Sound: Yes
    Enable USB Redirection: No
    Citrix HDX Settings:
    USB Redirection Technology: HDX

    So I can choose the device I want :

    On ThinOS 9, I currently have these settings :

    Session Settings:
    Map Sound: Yes
    Enable USB Redirection: no
    Enable HDX Multimedia redirection: Yes
    USB Redirection: no

    But I can’t choose my device :

    I feel like I’ve tried all the possible settings:
    Activate USB redirection, by checking the boxes “Exclude Audio Devices” and “Exclude Video Devices”, activate “USB Redirection” in “Other Citrix Virtual Channels Settings”, etc …

    In my Citrix session, the only device that appears is “Citrix HDX audio” and I cannot change devices between speakers, headphones …

    I initially thought this was a problem unique to the Wyse 5470 (it’s the only one we have), so I updated a Wyse 3040 to ThinOS 9.1_2101 and got the same problem.
    So I assume either that:
    – I misconfigured my strategies on the WMS side
    – There is a bug / missing feature to make multiple audio sources work between ThinOS 9.1_2101 and Citrix

    Does anyone have this setup with working audio?

    Let me know if you need more details about my configuration

    Thank you a lot

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    Where did you do the above screenshot? Standard Windows or any app?


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    Thank you,

    It’s not standard Windows, it’s an app : Avaya Workplace (our phone system), but the same is true with every other app. It was just for the example

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    I have run into this as well, the information i received was that this involves the feature multiple audio which was supported in 8.x but not currently in 9.1. May return in 9.2. Below are release notes i was pointed to , you can confirm possibly  with Dell , but sounds like same feature i was looking for, lets you pick individual audio devices in apps.



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