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    For a while now i’m looking a way to simplify the rename our new/old Wyse terminals, as i’m stuck i hope you guys will have some brilliant idea i could use.

    When we recieve a new Wyse terminal be it a S10/V10L/etc. etc. we put a label on it like “NAME123” and rename the terminal with the same name. Basicly there is nothing wrong with it but when terminal “NAME123” has been replaced with “NAME456” terminal (reason can be anything broken/to old/needs tobe replaced) “NAME123” will likely be never used again.

    Sometimes it happends that some terminals will be send to the user without renaming, now when they login into the citrix enviroment you see the default name like WT001234567890.
    Now we have to call the user ask there device name and do some stuff to rename the terminal back to default name as we use at our company.

    So i have some question regarding renaming terminals :

    1 – Using the Configuration Generator > Direct Commands is it possible to rename a device remotely ?

    If so, i tried but it failed as i don’t know what port i have to use and we have a default password for VNC do i have define this somewhere aswell.

    2 – Do you guys rename new/old devices and if so how do you guys do it ?

    Any tips idea’s ?

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    Here are two ways:

    1/ Use WDM. Its free, just install it and then one the device is in the console right click and rename! Done.

    2/ Use the include=$MAC command. This allows you to create a machine based .ini file that can be used to change the name. The painful part is you need to create a file based on the MAC of the target terminal.

    Have a look at the MACgen tool in the tools forum and also the WNOS parameters guide for more details,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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