tcx videonot working in VM – Server 2008.

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    I’ve just installed TCX 4.0 software on Windows 2008 terminal server standard edition 4 cpus, 2gb ram running on ESX 3.5i and the video enhancements thing doesn’t seem to be working.

    I’m connecting with a wyse thin client with tcx embedded in the OS. I’ve spoken to the guys who have given me the loan thin client to test and they can’t seem to work it out. the tech has told me that when you goto the citrix managemnet console on the server and go to multi display and configure mds”it should take you into somë config but mine just comes up with “tcx mulitdisply not yet launched”. The tech told me that if this doesn’t work then the video synching stuff for you tube etc wont work either.

    Does anybody have any suggestions? I’ve turned off all firewalls and the usb rdirect stuff seems to work for thumb drives etc.. This is a new server I’ve installed from scratch. I installed on another terminl server same setup and it didn’t work either.


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    Hi, new to forum. I am attempting an eval of TCX using C10LE and a C90LEW. I have installed a vanilla Win2003R2 Terminal server on a VM running on XenCenter Express. I have installed the eval of TCX Server suite and I am getting the exact error message. The service does show as being started.

    Please let me know if there is a known issue.

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    TCX multidisplay can only be configured when you are connected to a session with a dual screen client. If you are only using a single screen then TCX MDS is not launched.
    How did you test TCX Multimedia? Check the WTOS eventlog while starting a video. What does it say?


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