TCX USB Redirection prior to RDP Logon (ThinOS)

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    We have a setup where we have a fingerprint reader which works successfully when redirected using TCX from a Wyse ThinOS terminal (V10LE.) Back-end platform doesn’t really matter, but let’s say this is a Windows 7 virtual machine being accessed using RDP.

    Driver issues etc. have been sorted out. I can run my application inside the virtual machine and the fingerprint reader works.

    Problem is that I would like to use the fingerprint reader during the logon process to the RDP session itself, which would require the TCX channel with USB redirection being set up prior to logon. (Software components already in place to achieve this, similar to a physical environment.)

    Is there some sort of “hack” to achieve a USB virtualisation connection prior to logon? Understand why this might be a bad idea in most environments for security reasons, but this environment is highly controlled and I don’t have that as a constraint.

    Any hints/suggestions/alternates most welcome.

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    No way to do that.


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    Fortunately I’m too dumb to just give up :-), so I’ve found something that is a step in the right direction.

    If I pre-establish an auto-connect RDP session with a “generic” (but secure) username/password combination, TCX connects the fingerprint reader for me.

    I can then use a second auto-connect RDP session (suitably delayed) to log the user on, which then has access to the fingerprint reader during the logon screen. After logon, I can terminate the original session.

    Challenge I have now is that with the fingerprint reader software installed, NLA doesn’t work (NLA doesn’t play nice with other credential providers), so I can’t pass the username/password for the pre-established connection automatically.

    Again, any further suggestions or off-the-wall ideas on how I can work on this a bit further would be much appreciated.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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