Take an image from s90 wyse.

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    Hi guys, bit of a newbie here so go easy!

    At my company we have loads of s90 wyse terminals which are setup in the same way.

    Is there any way i can take an image from a fully setup s90 to then put on new unbuilt ones (similar to using ghost on a windows pc)

    Obviously they’d be a few minor changes to be made on each terminal once cloned, but it would certainly make the job much easier/quicker.

    If it is possible then what tools would i need?

    Many thanks


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    Wyse offers a device manager software suite (Wyse Device Manager) which will allow you to manage and image XPe devices. It comes in two flavors workgroup (up to 750 seats all installed on one WDM server) or enterprise which does come w/ a fee and is recommended when using 750+ devices or if you need to distribute the install (ex: FTP or SQL installed on different server than the WDM server.)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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