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    Hello All,

    First post so if I am doing it wrong please let me know.

    I am attempting to setup a T50 (Wyse Enhanced Ubuntu) within our Citrix environment and I am unable to get the front end login to authenticate with PNAgent.

    I currently have C10LEs running Wyse Thin OS (WTOS) configured and working using DHCP option tags 161, 162, 181, 184 and 185. According to the Wyse T50 documentation These settngs should be picked up also. While options 161, 162, 184 and 185 work (FTP site configuration options), option 181 (PNAgent) does not appear to work.

    Looking on this website in the downloads section, the Linux Parameters (http://www.freewysemonkeys.com/downloads/Linux%20Parameters.pdf) extra configuration is required to get the front end login to work with PNAgent. Specifically the command “AUTH=glogin”.

    As this is a different version of Linux, it appears that the plugin files referenced in the “AUTH=glogin” PNAgent login section appear in different file system locations in this new operating system.

    e.g Documentation states: /etc/addons.d/ICA/pam_pnagent.so
    However ubuntu has this file at /lib/security/pam_pnagent.so

    Please help! Ideally I would like the system configured to authenticate against PNAgent and then, like WTOS, populate shortcuts to all that users available desktops.

    If anyone requires clarification please let me know. Sorry if I haven’t explained myself very well, let me know where and I will try to explain.

    Many thanks in advance for your consideration of my question.

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    Can you update to the latest firmware and try again. There were several bugs in the first release.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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