T50 and Citrix ICA log off

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    I am looking at using some T50 clients with the native ica client configuration.

    I can log on to the T50 with domain credentials and have it auto start a session and login to a citrix published desktop although I dont seem to be able to configure it with this option:

    DisablePanelInFullscreen={yes, no}
    Yes/no option to disable the panel on the local system when the ICA connection is launched in fullscreen.
    This values of this parameter will be applied if the connection is set to Fullscreen=yes.
    If this parameter is not used in the connection definition, the panel will remain active in auto-hide mode (that is the user can display the panel by moving the mouse pointer over the hidded panel; for example, the top of the screen).

    That aside my main question is, is there anyway to get the T50 to logoff the domain user and return to its logon box when a user does “start -> logoff” on there windows citrix session?

    I dont want users thinking the have loged off and leaving the T50 logged in ready to run a citrix session under their credentials.

    Many thanks

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    Sorry to necro this thread, but I may be able to help.

    What we did was to enable the device to autologon with guest credentials, then we supplied a CONNECT=ICA session with autoconnect, but we didn’t pass through the credentials. This way when the user logs out of the ICA session they don’t have cached local credentials on the device.

    I still have the issue with disabling the panel. I have a call open with Wyse, and another thread open here too.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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