T10 VNC Performance

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    We’re having really shocking performance when trying to VNC T10 terminals within our sites.

    Currently the only VNC settings in the configs are:


    I would have thought that these would have plenty of grunt to withstand a decent VNC connection? We also have 20 or so T50 ubuntu terminals which have no such VNC issues and they are similarly spec’d from a hardware perspective! These T50’s are at the same sites we’re having issues with T10’s, so it’s definitely not a WAN issue. Clearly it’s something in the OS that’s creating this issue?

    It makes supporting remote users almost impossible, with the screen taking up to 20-30secs to tile and update after each click or action performed.

    Current firmware revision on the T10’s is 8.0_210

    Any suggestions or recommendations?

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    I have seen such issue again and again.
    With the latest code 8.0_510 it is MUCH better.
    I have also tested 8.1 beta code and the performance is again better.

    So update to 510 and stay tuned for 8.1 (expected for October).


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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