Sysprep no longer working?

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    Model: D90D7 – v9.05 B858 – Win 7 Embedded
    Added ‘DomainJoin with custom naming scripts’ to image/scripts

    Ran an initial sysprep as a test run, then continued to modify the scripts and re-run.

    Now when i run sysprep the DeleteFreeSpace does nothing, just closes.
    Script continues.
    Sysprep then runs.
    Restarts, more sysprep, restart.
    TC name is generalized, but it seems the admin user registery wasn’t replaced with the ntuser.dat registry – admin2.bat doesn’t auto-start. I manually start admin2.bat (to automate this i actually further modified the sysprep script by adding the RunOnce admin2.bat to HCU registry)
    Computer restarts
    When deploy.vbs runs the TC doesn’t show a generalized hostname the TC has it’s original(previously set) name now.

    I’m just worried that this sysprep isn’t doing what it’s supposed to…. MY QUESTION: IS IT?
    – Checking C:Data and C:WindowsPanther shows that sysprep is successful…
    Checked registry – values have not changed and look good


    We have had lots of issues with TCs loosing domain trust, hoping this new image will resolve that, among other issues.

    I’ve dropped the scripts into this zip, i’ve looked over them in comparison to the originals and don’t see anything that explains what I’m experiencing.

    Thank you for all your help

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    I guess I don’t need to worry about this as I tested installing the base image on a pre-set device and the host-name temporarly was generalized, then reverted back to what i had previously set it

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