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    Hi chaps.

    Over the last year or so we have ended up, for various reasons, with a lot of S90s being used. At the moment, each one has to come to our HQ to be setup by the IT chaps before being sent out. I figure that there must be a better way to manage the devices, and even to get them automatically setup before being used.

    Someone mentioned Rapport to us, but none of us have any real S90 experience.

    What is Rapport and how do we get it? Can it be used to manage and configure the devices remotely?

    At a push we use the VNC feature to make changes, but its a chore.


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    Rapport, now called Wyse Device Manager, is a management console for Wyse Thin Clients.

    You should be able to image and push/pull configurations to your devices with it. You could even revive dead machines out in the field if you choose to use the PXE boot feature of Wyse.

    You can get a demo/workgroup version of it from Wyse. 4.5.1 is the latest and greatest version.

    You should read up a bit on it before you do an install.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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