Starting V90 in administrator not user

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    I just got a V90 that the user screen has nothing at all but a boot to a company server, which I dont have. The ADMIN screen is locked with unknown password.
    I got rid of the password and now would like to go straight to the ADMIN screen from a boot without holding down shift key?
    Out of 8 V90s I have only 1 came that way so there has to be a way to do it? HOW?

    A V90L I have with 2gig flash and 1gig ram holding down the shift key will lock up keyboard and mouse. The shit key dont work on the V90L like the V90?

    Long time ago I bought a program, on floppy, usb stick, and cd, that goes in and finds all passwords and lets you blank then out. The usb stick works super on wyse stuff to kill passwords!

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    Shift key works in the same way on ALL XPe based unit. It is also working on all Windows XP Pro machines as this is not a Wyse feature. Could it be that you are using a different USB keyboard and it isn’t recognized at that moment?
    To change back to user auto login use the Control Panel-Winlog applet. Enter “User/User” as account/password.


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    V90L is the only L I have. It says XPe ver 2002 with SP3. Its on a 1gig C:
    drive with a 1gig D: drive present also. It has IE 7 with WMP 11.
    I guess I am blind because I cant find a 1gig XPe with SP3 in the WYSE downloads for a V90L??
    On all V90s I use normal keyboards and mice not the USB stuff. On the V90L if I hold down shift key it will freeze up, if I tap the shift key I get ADMIN, but if I tap too much it says keyboard is sticky?
    Passwords are different, it will not take simple passwords, it has to have upper and lower case, numbers, and odd char like = or it will not allow the new password? IT WILL NOT ALLOW THE SIMPLE “USER” FOR A PASSWORD?
    Other changes, the wallpaper is a simple pattern with WYSE in the center all in shades of blue. The screen saver is a slide show of PICs you have on the system. If you right click on green dot lower right corner a total different screen pops up than on the V90s.
    SO this V90L way different then all my V90s?
    If its not in the WYSE downloads then where does it come from?

    EDIT I finally got it. On this V90L I dont need to do anything with the shift key all I have to do is wait untill its at sign in, backspace over user type in Administrator and then the password and I am in to admin. Not like my V90s at all.

    Still need to know how on a reg V90?

    When this started was no SP3? Now for L and LE there is?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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