Start from scratch on an S90?

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    Thanks to all you past posters that got me to this point in my knowledge.

    I’m using the USB Imager to push a “fresh install” onto the S90. Or I would, but it seems that my BIOS (v1.10 circa 2005) is too old to properly boot from the USB key to do the reimage.
    I don’t have the facilities to run WDM, so that’s out…
    The only BIOS flash utility I can find calls for a USB floppy drive to be used
    (like, uh… What’s a floppy??)

    What’s the easiest way to take an S90 that was in use previously in a highly locked-down environment and start over again with a fresh OS and default administrator account/credentials so I can start from the ground up again?

    Thanks for all your help!


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    USB stick is a problem on as only a very few stick are recognized at all.
    You should really consider using either WDM or Wyse Simple Imager.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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