Smart Card suggestions with V10l

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    Hi. First post here. Here goes….

    I have been given the task of implementing a smart card solution at work. We are using the Wyse V10l’s and WTOS. The managers want a card that will log the user on with NO keyboard input at all. (Yeah I know its not secure, I’ve tried to talk them out of it etc etc …..) The problem they are trying to fix is the air headed employees who just can’t remember reasonably complex passwords.

    I am about to trial a system which uses a contactless card reader that emulates a keyboard. It interacts with a HID iClass smart card to enter user credentials. I was wondering if anyone has been down this path before or has used any other contactless smart card / reader solutions for LAN access.


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    although I never tested any contactless cards with WTOS I would assume it should work as long as the reader is PC/SC and CCID compatible.
    I normaly work with Omnikey, Activcard or SCR reader. Cherry has a nice keyboard with integrated smartcard reader. They are using an internal Omnikey 3121 reader and this works great.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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