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    Hi folks,

    We’re developing a software (skype-like softphone) for different thin clients including SLE TC – for Wyse Linux actually. But Wyse guys say that they’re not providing development platform and they’re providing only administrator’s documentation.

    Do anybody know were to get SLE TC SDK and a manual of how to develop an application for SLE TC and how to package it? Since it is very different from SLED from developer’s point of view: it is squashfs-based and has read-only and read-write filesystems merged/united. Standard RPM package isn’t enough unfortunately. So it is hard to figure out without appropriate documentation how to create Add-On packages for SLE TC. Also it is unclear where to store user-specific config files and so on (since $HOME/.appname can be erased at reboot…) and it is unclear how to manage system settings from the application (like adding option to autostart it on general Gnome-based desktop means copying desktop entry file appname.desktop to $HOME/.config/autostart, but this doesn’t work for SLE TC since it doesn’t survive at reboot).

    Can anybody help me in getting SLE TC SDK and docs or point to the right direction?

    I’ve got an from this website, but as far as I understand it was written years ago (for SLETC based on SLED10SP2) and may be out of date. Also I was unable to make it work… it is suitable for creating rpm from existing rpm+source-rpm and as far as I understand it refuses to work when there is no source rpm (and creating source rpm is a pain..)

    Best regards,
    Fedor Lyakhov
    Software Developer

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    We’ve had some success getting packages ported over using this as the basis of instructions

    generally if you can get the program to run on SLED 11, you can get it working on the TC. You just have to wary of dynamic linking, ldd is your friend.

    if building for service pack 1, when creating the rpm use the –target sletc11sp1 switch for rpmbuild, or it won’t work. prior to sp1, it doesn’t require the –target switch.

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    Thanks, Lavarius. I’ll try using that instruction and –target switch.

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