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    Hi, i have the Wyse 9150SE, and when the windows ce is starting an o blue screen, i need to reflahsh the wyse, i follow all these steps.

    Wyse Simple Imager Usage:

    1. Connect the client (which needs the imaging) to the machine on which Wyse Simple Imager is installed, through a Cross Cable.
    2. Run Wyse Simple Imager tool
    3. Select the appropriate Product from the Product list.
    4. Click on Add button
    5. Fill in the fields with appropriate values.
    6. Click on the Browse button and select the image file which is already downloaded/given by Wyse.
    7. Click Ok and wait for the message ‘Image is successfully addedâ€￾.
    8. Added image will appear in the firmware list.
    9. Select the firmware and click on Submit.
    10. TFTP application will automatically launched and note that this application window should not be closed until the client successfully images with the new firmware.
    11. Wait for the message ‘Please start/restart the client to start imaging’.
    12. Click ok, Log message screen will appear.
    13. Start/Reboot the client. When client finishes the imaging Log screen will show the log messages and the final status whether imaging is ‘Success’ or any other error.

    but my machine never detects the wyse, maybe im missing some configuration in the wyse or something

    can somebody helpme please!!!!!!

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    Did you assign a static IP to your notebook of and install DHCP Turbo? Is you firewall disabled on your PC?

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