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    Our customer has some WinCE 5 and WinCE 6 S30’s and also some older Wyse models.

    Admin of these is a bit of a problem as we have multiple device configs depending on hardware, also some S30’s have different versions of firmware 6.0 each requiring their own config.

    All the devices are at remote sites connected via WAN links.

    The customer is starting to buy some widescreen monitors which are used to replace broken monitors, and we now have to create new configs in WDM (version 4.5.0 basic not enterprise)

    To get the customer to identify each model / firmware of a Wyse terminal and connect the new monitor is a nightmare and may not even be possible without sending out monitors to each site.

    Is there a way on WDM to duplicate a config we already have and update the settings.reg and update the CRC.txt file so this will deploy?


    Config amendments

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    Sure why not.
    The settings.reg file is easily editable. The crc.txt is not needed at all.
    Simply right click the package in Package Manager and copy and paste the Script to a new textfile. Save the textfile with a unique name referenced also in the textfile NUMBER value.
    Create a folder also called like the script name and copy your settings.reg there.
    That can be reregistered in WDM afterwards.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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