Setting a screensaver on V90’s with Wyse Device Manager?

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    Is it possible? I’m a noob with these, the guy that used to manage them is no longer available for help. (Long Story)
    What I want to do is set up a basic screen saver for a few dozen v90 dualies.
    Can I push it out? Build it in to the image an re push new images?

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    it can pushed out easily.
    1. I assume you are familiar at least basically with the scripting language wyse uses in .rsp files.
    2. If not already in the image you need to copy over the appropriate .scr screen saver files from an XP box. The default wyse image does not have them present. If necessary you can include the file copy as part of the script.

    sample .rsp:

    Description=change marquee screensaver to PR request
    Category=XP Addons

    ; Written by: EBH
    ; Check OS, User, Free Space
    CO “XP”
    ; Query User then lock workstation
    QU “2” “5”
    ; merge registry
    MR “regfilespr_uchscreensaver.reg” “eaauto”
    ; End lockout

    note that i am referencing a registry file to merge that has the desired screensaver changes I would like to make and i also specify the user account to which to apply the change–screensavers are profile specific so I stating to apply the the change to a “eaauto” autologin user account I have setup. Yours might be the default “user” account. I would set the screensaver the way you like on a test client and then export the needed registry settings and incorporate into you script package.

    Hope that make sense–you will need to have some understanding of wyse script building stuff and how to put it together and import into WDM. it’s easy once you get hang of it.

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    I have the scripting down but I am confused on how to call the screensaver via registry and how to copy it to the device

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    Do you have much experience working with the Windows registry? If not, this could be a lot trickier. 🙂

    Open regedit on a client and browse to one of the following locations:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelDesktop or HKEY_USERS.DEFAULTControl PanelDesktop

    From there you can setup your screensaver options, export the information to a .reg file (and delete the unnecessary lines from the .reg file once it’s created). Other than that, EBH covered all the Wyse scripting needs. You don’t need to copy the registry file to the device itself, as the script will just call it with the MR (merge registry) command. Create a script, don’t reimage a bunch of terminals just for a screensaver… 🙄

    Here’s a cut & paste of a sample reg file, copy all of this text into notepad and name it whatever you want .reg: (this will basically set windows to it’s default screensaver (the xp logo bouncing around) to activate after 10 min/600seconds, and to require a password on exit…

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelDesktop]

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