Sending Configurations to WES 2009 / C90LEW

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    We recently purchased some Wyse C90LEWs as they are one of the few that are actually compatible with HDX Flash. We’ve done the customisations with it, having an account to auto-login so that it’s some how locked out with users only able to launch 2 ICA connections placed on their desktop. We understand that there’s a way of pulling an image from this and sending it over to another device but this image is 1+ gig and we’re reluctant to do it over the WAN in other branches. There’s also another way of pulling and pushing an image via USB sticks.

    Now, the question is, in Windows CE, you can either send a preconfigured image with customisations or just send standalone configurations. Is this possible with these C90LEWs / WES 2009?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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