Seiko Smart Label Printer 440

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    I am attempting to use a Seiko SLP 440 connected to the serial port on an S30, ICA connected to a Citrix PS4 session. I am able to ‘see’ the printer using the SLP version Smart Label printer software. However, the printer hangs when I attempt to print a label.

    I have two questions: has anyone any success with this printer on a WinCE device; does anyone know how to configure the COM1: port on an S30 beyond the Baud Rate and handshaking?

    FYI have been able to print from an ICA session on a PC by using net use com1 \clientcom1 on the Citrix server. Do the same thing when connected via the TC and, no joy.

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    Hi jrwalker,

    first of all, this is the wrong forum. For CE related question please use the CE forum next time. This forum is only for reporting working peripherals.
    Be so kind and post this question again in the CE forum.
    When posting it there, please answer the following.
    How did you setup the printer locally on the CE device?
    Which firmware are you using on the device?
    Which device are you using?

    Thanks a lot

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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