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    Has anyone else experienced this problem?

    We have the the Wyse C10LE
    Dual Monitor Splitter Cables
    Wyse TCX Suite 4 (latest version)
    Operating with Microsoft Windows 2003 Terminal Server
    One RDP session spanned over both monitors

    Initially we can use both monitors, but after approx one hour the second monitor, although on, will not allow any application to display on it (they default to the first monitor and we cannot drag any app to the second screen).

    We can log off the session then back on and the process starts again.

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    I just heard from one customer that they have a similar issue.
    The display of screen 2 is only visible half the width.
    Wyse send him a beta version of TCX 4.1 and that seems to fix it.
    Keep your fingers cross that Wyse will release 4.1 this month.


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    I get this problem on Windows XP SP3 latest WTOS/TCX – RDP

    If I make any changes to the Taskbar properties
    the second monitor bombs and I cant use it until i log off and back in

    Josh my SE is looking into this

    I have overcome this for now by unselecting on the taskbar properties “keep the task bar on top of other windows”

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    We have something similar.

    When using Wyse TCX Suite 4.0 all is fine (except some other application) so we upgraded to 4.1 and our problem was solved.

    The only problem we have now is that when we shadow (Citrix) a user with 2 screens the users isn’t able to move application windows to the second screen.
    If we don’t shadow the user with 2 screens the user is able to move any application window anywhere untill we start a shadow session.

    After some debugging we have found that if we downgrade “MhaHK32.dll” back to version 4.0 all is fine (except our problem) even if we shadow a user with 2 screens.

    I have a ticket open with Wyse Support, so i guess i have to wait.

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