S90 vs 9150SE

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    My S90 came with 512mb flash and 256mb ram. The sheet I have on the 9150SE says it has the same?
    The image for my S90 says its 512mb but it only used up less than 1/2 of that leaving lots of room to install other items? Other images for the S90 maybe S90L say they are only 256mb? A small ram disk was made on the S90, how much other ram is used I dont know?

    If tried to make a 9150 from a lesser unit in the family and could get only to 256mb flash with 256mb ram would that be enough for XPE? I see the archived image for 9150 is 256mb? The active image dont give its size?
    Next if I could only get 256mb flash but only 128mb ram would that be enough for XPE? I dont know how much ram is really used on the S90 with XPE?
    What happens when image is installed by USB image stick and maybe size of ram or flash is too small, or does it even check this???

    edit I am always on my S90 now, I love it, while slowly learning how to add and change things. For energy use this S90 is called GREEN?
    When I clicked a button to show me all hidden files and really saved that out the amount of space it says it used in flash went down a small amount??????

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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