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    We’re looking at implementing “lunchroom PCs” which staff members would use for unrestricted web-surfing. Our initial tests with an S90 have been less than successful because of poor browsing performance.

    An unremarkable WinXP desktop computer has good performance on the same internet connection, which is straight out over a DSL modem – no proxy servers or firewalls on the way.

    IE6 on an XPe NeoWare client we have doesn’t perform noticeably better than the S90.

    We’re using the latest downloadable XPe image from wyse. I’ve only tried IE6 so far. I suppose I’ll give Firefox a shot soon.

    Plan B will be to deliver a browser seamlessly to the S90 from a dedicated Citrix server. Yuck.

    Any suggestions would be most welcome. TIA.

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    The S90 is a low power unit – check out the CPU and see if this is the problem. Many applications such as Flash, video etc really push the CPU to the max. Generally I use the S90 for Citrix or simple web applications such as Citrix Web Interface.

    Go with a V90l or V90 or they have the power you will need for full web browsing with all the addons such as flash, shockwave, video, photos (I use the free viewer from Google) and office/PDF viewers,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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