s50 rdp login issue

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    Using s50, winserv 2008r2, and connection broker.

    Connecting to a rdp connection broker using round robin.
    First login works fine.

    If you try and connect to the same rdp session from a different terminal the login fails resulting in you sitting at an rdp login screen with a username/domain that looks like it is written in chinese. If you then click on login as different user and put the full username(including domain) then the login procedes normally and the session is restored.

    The problem seems to happen more frequently when your open session is on one server, server2, and you connect to rdp through dns roundrobin to a different server, server3. Connection broker will then redirect your connection back to server2 and that is where it fails.

    The problem does not happen with rdp sessions through windows, only on the terminal. Could it be an issue with the rdp version on the terminal is not compatible? We did purchase an ssl cert and set all 3 servers, the connection broker and the 2 other rdp servers, to use that cert for rdp connections.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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