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    First off, I’d like to thank you all for this website. It’s been a great resource (already answered a few questions of mine)!!

    Here’s my situation. We have around 150 S30’s with actiontec wireless deployed in our organization. It runs a Citrix based clinical software that requires the device have the correct time. WYSE support informed me that the only way to apply the DLST patch was to upgrade to the 541 firmware. The 541 firmware doesn’t have the actiontec addon built in. Once I deploy the 541 I cannot talk to my S30’s anymore. There is not enough flash memory to do the 541 Firmware and the Actiontec addon without removing a few of the addon’s we’ll never use. Once the actiontec is on the device, it need’s configured for wireless network security. I’ve concluded that I’m going to have to hard wire all of these buggers to apply all of the required changes at this point. Would you concur with that statement or is there a piece of this puzzle I’m missing?

    Also, in figuring all of this out, I’ve really buggered (strong technical term) a few of the S30’s. They no longer boot (come up to the black BIOS(?) WYSE version 4.6 screen) and halt. Is there a way to bring these clients back to life without RMA’ing? FYI ~ I’ve tried holding down G while booting.



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    Hi Derek,

    First your dead units. No need to RMA them. Download Wyse Simple Imager to push the OS to them. Basically enter the BIOS, change the boot order to LAN first and boot with WSI to load an image via PXE. (see the article on the front page of this site at the moment on factory reset of devices)

    Now for your deployed units…

    Have you used the “bundle option” for CE? To do this you use WDM to create a new CE image with just your addons and the configuration and then deploy it.

    In theory you should be able to capture your wireless settings and deploy these out so when the S30’s reboot after the upgrade the ActionTech cards will be set up.

    Now, I say in theory as I have done this many times for the Ethernet card settings but have not tried bundling a wireless setup.

    If you are interested in bundling an image I can post a doc on how to do this, let me know.

    The only other option is plugging them back into wired LAN and flashing them that way with WDM or WSI,


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