s10 setup “cannot access system profile”

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    I know this issue is talked about a lot but I have yet to find a fix or way round this and I am slowly losing my mind over this. If you can offer some help it would be very much appreciated.

    I have setup my ftp server and tested with an ftp client and logged on anonymously without any issues.

    I have the following folder structure in place on the ftp server:-

    In here I have the wsnos.ini in this folder.

    My FTP server settings have this folder structure set:-

    My Wyse settings on the client have:-
    File Servers/Path:
    Username: anonymous

    I have tried various different structures with no joy. I am not using the DHCP tags.

    Any ideas on what I am missing?

    Thank you.

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    Hi Golddigger and welcome!

    We can’t have you loosing your mind on the first visit!

    I am not sure if it was a typo but the folder structure you mention was wsnos – it should be wnos.

    So, on a IIS server setup this structure with anonymous access enabled:


    (I would use lower case for the wysewnos bit)

    Now on the terminal manually enter this n the Network Setup – Server tab as the File Server:

    (note the forward slash)

    I would use a sample config downloaded from this site as they have big splash screens so you will know when it kicks in.

    Post back how you got on,


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    I think we have lift off!!!!!!!!

    My typos were consistent but it looks like I had an additional / after the ftproot on my ftp server that was causing the issue.

    Many thanks, would not have spotted it without your input.


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