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    Just bought a wyse s10 from ebay and wanted to use a GNU/Linux distro to make it my NAS and download computer.
    So I changed the bios boot order and made a usb stick with unetbootin with xubuntu, but the device powers on and nothing happens, except this white sign “-” flashing on a black screen.
    So I tried with opensuse and other distros but unsuccesfully until now.

    Only thing that seems to work it’s puppy linux from sd card + usb card reader but that again doesn’t start completely, I guess it hasn’t enough ram. Whatever, puppy boots and almost loads the desktop.

    I alsto tried to connect via usb a hard drive with ubuntu installed but this didn’t work too..

    Any ideas?

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    I didn’t try the ones you’ve mentioned but OPEN SUSE with KDE loaded OK via PXE on S10. I didn’t try loading from USB also. Sorry

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    The problem is the S10. There is only a very limited range of USB stick that work.
    Although never tried to boot any Linux distribution, I guess this is the issue.
    Try some other USB sticks.


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    Hi everyone,

    Jus saw this post so logged in to post my experience with S10.
    For a month now I’m trying various Linux’es with S10 and most of them boot with success within the S10.

    Let me explcain, my S10 had originally 128MB RAM which I changed to 256. So I don’t know if this could be the problem you’re having.
    With this setup, various kind’s, brands and cappacity’s pen drive, I have succesfully run various diistro’s e.g. Puppy (latest), DSL 4.4.10, Xubuntu 10.10.

    Unfortunatly, from the above, only DSL could be installed in a internal attached HD.

    To put any (current) linux distro on to USB go to http://www.pendrivelinux.com and try it. It’s free, easy and work’s like a charm.

    Let me know if you need something else.



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