Repeated Raport Update Request / Reboot

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    WYSE terminals have gui window thrown up with title “Rapport Configuration Manager – Update Request”. Update process follows which begins with a reboot. The WYSE terminal then boots up properly and the window is thown up again. The process repeats. The only distinction we have made so far is that in the DHCP discover message are included the following in the parameter request list:
    163 = Private
    164 = Private
    175 = Private
    176 = Private
    177 = Private
    178 = Private
    179 = Private
    180 = Private
    186 = Private
    187 = Private

    Of the above list option 186 – Rapport Server IP address and 187 Rapport Server Port is known to me. Our DHCP server does not have these options configured on the scopes where we are seeing this problem.

    Where we have WYSE terminals booting ok we do not see these extra option requests in the DSCP discover.

    Any replies gratefully received

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    The DHCP discover is normal so don’t worry about it.

    Are you trying to push a package or an image? If its an image and the PXE process does not start we need to see why this happened,


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    Thanks for your interest.

    We were not trying to push an image.
    Users could not work because this rapport imaging attempt was repeating endlessly.
    We found a new SAN install uses PXE protocol and was initiating this process on older NT terminals only! 🙂
    All fixed now.
    Thanks again

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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