Rapport Scripting issue

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    Hi there,
    I am trying to add a screensave on our Winterms S90 XPe but am having trouble modifying the registry so the “user” will automatically have the screensaver enabled after 10 minutes. When I run the registry file to add it seems to add it into the “Default User” registry hive not the “User” hive. I have tried:

    MR “saver.reg”
    MR “

    but they keep going into “Default User”

    I have made a cmd file with:

    REG LOAD HKUTempUser “C:Documents and SettingsUserNTUSER.DAT”
    REGEDIT /S C:saver.reg

    but it came up that the file is in use and then the rest of the cmd breaks. Yet if I run that cmd under “Administrator” it works and the “User” has then screensaver enabled by default.

    Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated…


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    Hi Stewy,

    The MR “saver.reg””user” should work as long as you have not renamed or changed the default user login. Under the XP downloads section I posted a .RAR of a load of Rapport scripts, one of which includes a screen saver if you want to see and example.

    Maybe the profiles are screwed up? Load a Wyse factory default image and push your script again and see if is works.


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    Thanks for that. I did download the RAR file the other day and it gave me some ideas to try. I have a brand new Winterm sitting here so I will try the script on that today. I will also try your script from the RAR and see if that works…

    Will try and let you know more thru out the day…


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    I’d look at 2 things

    Check the format of the .reg file.
    If memory serves, it needs to be PC ANSI, but often saved as PC UNICODE.

    You can use a free text editor like textpad to check file format and change if necessary.

    Also have you tried “User” instead of “user”

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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