Rapport 4.5.3 Upgrade Issue and confusion

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    We decided to migrate to WDM 4.5.3 due to the inability of being able to image the new V90L’s under 4.4.1. Please note by upgrade I meant that a brand new server will be implemented and installed. The old server will be decommissioned. Now I did as Wyse tech’s dictated in that the new server had the same IP as the old server, I also stressed that we don’t want any of the units rebooting upon the new server being installed. Now we bring the server up and all of a sudden all the units start to reboot in the end I figured out from this forum that in order to avoid this we should have exported and imported the databse from Rappot 4.4.1 into Rapport 4.5.3. I’ve called the tech support to see if they can assist and find out why this happened when they told me it wouldn’t and they told me that it wasn’t supposed to and that I will receive a call back from a level 2 support.

    Please advise on the proper procedure of exporting the RapportDB and importing it into a new server

    Secondly will the database from Rapport work on the new WDM?

    Please advise if I missed any significant steps.

    Thank you

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    If you have a dig in this forum and the WDM downloads there is quite a bit of detail on migrating DB’s and upgrading.

    You are correct that you will have to upgrade the Rapport DB from 4.4.1 to 4.5.3 you can not just import the DB. This means building a Rapport 4.4.1 box, import the DB and then upgrade.

    Now here is one other way to test, build a new WDM server with the same name and IP as the old server but do not activate the licence. If you open a licence on the old server copy out the security key. Now on the new server right click the licence and change the security key to the same value.

    With two server of the same IP you will need it on a seperate network but this may allow the devices to check in and not re-boot. You will need to test,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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