Rapport 4.4.1 issue afer applying the HF04041032905

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    The Rapport server no longer works. When I try to initialize the Rapport MMC, it states that the “MMC cannot open the selected file”, yet if I copy the rapport mmc file and rptmmc.dll file over to the rapport director I can open the mmc console but when I try to expand the tree it reports “Snap-In failed to initialize -> CLSID {E7C29031-C52A-4C03-A13F-500BE426AA8F}.

    The back story for this was, we tried to apply the above provided patch by Wyse to enable the dual video V90 imaging. After reading these posts I see that the patch provided was the wrong one, and it works to assist in allowing V90 imaging not the V90L’s.

    I am hoping to obtain assistance in the following issues:
    1) Revert the Rapport server back to its previous state (working state)
    2) If possible can I uninstall this patch, doesn’t seem like from the add/remove wizard
    3) I still need to install the required patches so that we can image the V90 dual video units.

    Any advise will be extremely appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    How did you apply the patch? Did you install it on your main console?

    I have people here that keep upgrading my database to 4.5.1, when we’re not ready to do the upgrade yet. I’ve always restored the database back to the night before. Due to the nature of the clients and how they check in, you don’t really loose too much data.

    But if you upgraded your console… you might have to restore your database and reinstall. That might be a question for Wyse, though. If that patch just modified the database, you should be ok to roll it back. But if it files on the server, then you’re might have a few more problems.

    I don’t let anyone log into the main server to perform tasks to prevent them from upgrading the primary console/server. That way, if they do make changes, I can just remove the console they upgraded and restore the DB.

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    Try deleting the value

    This seems to be the old CLSID of the MMC snapin.

    But save a copy before doing so 😉


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    Actually I just ended up recreating the MMC connection from within the mmc manager and then I created the shortcut it seemed to work.

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