R90L7 thin client not receiving WDM server

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    We are having some difficulty with our Wyse R90L7 thin clients with Windows Embedded 7 from receiving the WDM server ip address from DHCP.

    Our clients have zero problems obtaining the usual DHCP info like ip address, subnet mask, gateway and dns but will not get the WDM server ip address.

    According to the WDM documentation we need the following DHCP options tags:

    Configuring the DHCP Server
    Configure the following option tag values on your DHCP server:
    Option tag 186 – IP address of your WDM server (for example, The value
    should be in 4-byte IP address format.
    Option tag 190 – Secure port number to which WDM server listens (for example,
    port 443). The value should be in word format (value = 0x01bb) or 2-byte array format
    (value = 0x01 0xbb).
    Option tag 192 – Non-secure port number to which WDM server listens (for example, 80).
    The value should be in either word format (value = 0x0050), or 2-byte array format (value=
    0x00 0x50).

    The device we are using for DHCP is a Cisco ASA firewall. Below is the DHCP setup on the device.

    dhcpd dns
    dhcpd lease 86400
    dhcpd option 192 hex 50
    dhcpd option 190 hex 01bb
    dhcpd option 186 ip
    dhcpd address inside
    dhcpd enable inside

    As I stated the thin client get on the network and receives an ip address but when I enter the control panel and open the WDM icon the server ip address doesn’t reflect our WDM server. I’ve has the same results with using DHCP from a Windows 2008 server as well. So simply put it hasn’t yet worked at all.

    We can’t use DNS since the ASA firewall doesn’t have DNS server capability (yes I checked).

    Any assistance is appreciated.

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    Here is a wireshark capture of a DHCP discover phase from the thin client broadcasting to the network. As you can see it would appear that the thin client is not even asking for option 186???

    Option: (t=53,l=1) DHCP Message Type = DHCP Discover
    Option: (53) DHCP Message Type
    Length: 1
    Value: 01
    Option: (t=61,l=7) Client identifier
    Option: (61) Client identifier
    Length: 7
    Value: 01008064993e45
    Hardware type: Ethernet
    Client MAC address: WyseTech_99:3e:45 (00:80:64:99:3e:45)
    Option: (t=50,l=4) Requested IP Address =
    Option: (50) Requested IP Address
    Length: 4
    Value: 0a630135
    Option: (t=12,l=15) Host Name = “WES008064993E45”
    Option: (12) Host Name
    Length: 15
    Value: 574553303038303634393933453435
    Option: (t=60,l=8) Vendor class identifier = “MSFT 5.0”
    Option: (60) Vendor class identifier
    Length: 8
    Value: 4d53465420352e30
    Option: (t=55,l=12) Parameter Request List
    Option: (55) Parameter Request List
    Length: 12
    Value: 010f03062c2e2f1f2179f92b
    1 = Subnet Mask
    15 = Domain Name
    3 = Router
    6 = Domain Name Server
    44 = NetBIOS over TCP/IP Name Server
    46 = NetBIOS over TCP/IP Node Type
    47 = NetBIOS over TCP/IP Scope
    31 = Perform Router Discover
    33 = Static Route
    121 = Classless Static Route
    249 = Private/Classless Static Route (Microsoft)
    43 = Vendor-Specific Information
    End Option

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