R50L View Client 4.5 Use All Monitors instead of FullScreen

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    I’m using a wlx.ini file to configure these R50L units

    I’ve tried using the following View Session Settings


    This seems to have no affect on the View client 4.5 session and it will require a user to choose the pull down from Display Use all Monitors from the default of Full Screen.

    I would like to have the session Use all Monitors automatically this way hopefully can have dual monitors or a single monitor and it would be correct for either without user input.

    I would also like these units to automatically reboot after a log off. Is there a way to configure this to happen using the WLX.ini file?

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    Use the following:


    That will make it span across both screens provided you have the displays setup correctly in the WYSE. I used the following in my config to make the WYSE use both screens:


    If you figure out the reboot on logoff, please post as that would be handy for me too.

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    electric d

    Thanks for the reply for the DesktopSize=useallmonitors parameter. That wasn’t an option as far as I could tell in the Config Gen tool.

    If I figure out how to do the reboot after all disconnections then I’ll repost it here.

    It’s very handy on our V10L’s to keep devices to the same version of WTOS. I’m hoping to do the same with the R50L as well.

    Thanks again

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    This parameter has changed recently and will be available in the next Confgen release.


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    We also have users using two monitors and are using


    with our View connections in our .ini and can’t get the selection “All Monitors” on our thin clients to take as the default. Not ideal. Users have to cancel once clicking enter to log in and then change to All Monitors from full screen. Does anyone know what to the option is in the .ini? Confgen just uses what I have above.

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