Putting a R90LEW 2GB Image on a R90LEW 4GB

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    We have been using 2GB R90LEW XPe units and have now ordered 4GB R90LEW XPe units. When I put my current 2GB image on the new units it just makes 2 2GB partitions. Is there a way or a utility that will allow me to add the extra 2GB to the C drive or will I have to build a new image from scratch for the 4GB units?

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    The default builds from Wyse (either 2 GB or 4GB) will auto expand itself to the available flash space.
    But if you pull the image from a 2 GB device that functionality of expanding itself is getting lost.
    The only two options would be to
    – use 3rd party tools like GParted, Partion Magic, etc.
    – create a new image based on 4GB flash


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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