PS4.5 : Autoconnect with login and pwd not work on 1200LE

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    Citrix PS4.5 farm
    We have Wyses 1200LE and S10.
    We have a connection problem with automatic login and password on the 1200LE terminals.
    When you click on our published application, the Citrix server does not recover the login and password. he asks us to enter.
    On a wyse S10, the same ini file works.
    Someone was there an idea?
    On our old farm PS4.0, it works with the 1200LE.
    Example file:
    connect = ica
    description = “Name”
    icon = icon.bmp
    username = Login
    Password = pwd
    domainname = domain
    browserip = server1.domain.nt; server2.domain.nt
    application = “Name”
    autoconnect = 1

    The firmware of our 1200LE is 5.2.0_69

    Thank you for your help

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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