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    We bought 85 Wyse V50 LE units for a costumer.

    We have the problem that after a while the firmware is corrupted. The units are stopping with rebooting.

    The distributor said we had to upgrade our firmware. So we upgraded all 85 units.

    But the problem is still there. After the upgrade of all 85 boxes we had to re-image 35 units.

    Also other costumer has the same problems with new V50LE units.

    Units bought for 9 months don’t have that problem.

    Now the distributor says is our problem and not a problem from Wyse.
    But I believe it’s Wyse hardware problem.

    The distributor doesn’t want to help us !

    But a technical person said there’s a option to re-image the unit from Linux to Thin OS.

    Does anyone have this procedure ?



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    Hi Henk,

    That’s a strange one!

    I would definitely go around the disti and contact Wyse support directly and see if they have come across this.

    As a matter of interest what is the configuration of the device, any thing unusual? Do you have it pointing to a wlx.ini?

    Finally if you are just using ICA or RDP you can convert them to a V10L however Wyse support would have to provide the files and its not an office supported process. I would be investigating why you have the image corruption first.


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    We only using RDP and ICA, nothing special !!

    And Yes, we point it to an wlx.ini file.

    But the configuration is very normal !!

    We use this ini file also for other custumers and don’t have problems there.



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    How do you shutdown the units? Do you just switch them off, do you use a multi-jack with one on/off switch or do you really shut them down gracefully?
    Maybe some power interruptions? Don’t know where you live but maybe it is really a power issue.


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