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    I’ve got a probleme between my thin clients (wyse s30 – Windows ce6) and Wyse Device manager.
    What i want to do is to get the configuration of one of my thin client and deploy it on all the other wyse s30 i have…

    When i deploy my device configuration on another s30 device everything is good. I cand find all the configuration i saved (display, ica connexion etc.)
    When i want to connect to my ica connexion, Citrix reciever begins to load but stop at this state “connexion established negotiating capabilities” and shutdown the reciever

    I’ve made some researches on the internet about these words and it seems to be linked with the license serveur or some kind of registry key…

    Suggestions: When i deploy my device configuration, are there too many informations replaced in the new device? so the server is detecting two devices with the same informations? i don’t know

    waiting for you…


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    There should be an applet in the Control Panel named TSCAL. Check if there are any licenses listed and delete them.


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    I found a solution and after reading your post, i guess this is the same thing 🙂 …

    In the reg file of the configuration, i’ve deleted that key:

    I supposed that when i get back the configuration in WDM, i also keep the Licence linked to the device…By deleting the key, the device will get a new licence at his first connexion with the server..
    I think this is equivalent to delete the licence in TSCAL…

    Thanks for answering CG 😉

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