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    Hi Everyone.

    I’m new on V10L Thin Wyse, I had some trouble with Administrator Mode Access and Cannot Access System Profile too,

    I have one Server with Windows 2003 with DHCP and FTP to provide the IP, Mask and INI file to the V10L.

    But I got a Cannot Access System Profile message.

    *.- I config the anonymous access
    *:_ I used ConfGen to created the INI File on the C:inetpubftprootWysewnos
    *.- The V10L received all DHCP info, but when try to connection to the Filer Server I got the cannot access system profile.
    *.- I used the cmd promtp to try the FTP session and it was OK.
    *.- I can’t see the option Administrator Mode, I dont’ why.
    *.- The system Version on V10L is 6.4.0_06

    If my File Server (FTP) Path is c:inetpubftprootWysewnos how is the 161 Scope on DHCP path ?

    I check the web site and video on

    Can someone help me

    Many Thank


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    What do you see on the V10L in the Fileserver field?
    With your config you should see the IP address of your FTP server followed by a /wyse. Nothing more.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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