Problem Installing WDM 4.7

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    I’m trying to install the WDM onto a Windows 2003 R2 (Ent Ed) VM using SQL Express 2008 but run into a problem whilst connecting to the SQL server.

    After choosing Custom I let WDM configure the repository server then on the database config screen I use an existing sql svr and enter the svrnamesql-instance and the sa account and password with the default database password config selected.

    When I try to continue i get a msgbox saying unable to connect to database I’ve attached the database to SQL express 2008 but still I get the same error message.

    Does WDM work with sql express 2008?

    I’ve had the software up and running using the msde mode but would rather use the sql software already running.


    There doesn’t seem to be much documentation for version 4.7

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    Hi PEte,

    with WDM 4.7 there is no SQL 2008 support. It only supports MSDE, SQL 2000 and SQL2005. The WDM Enterprise Edition also support Oracle9.

    Go to the Wyse website – Support – Knowledge Base – Reference Guides – Software Products and you will find the WDM 4.7 Install and Admin guide.


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    thanks ConfGen,

    Found out what I was doing wrong: Instead of using the SA account I was attempting to use windows authentication using a admin account.

    Having uninstalled IIS, SQL and WDM now i’m having difficulty reinstalling WDM, it fails trying to copy files to the ftp area (do manually) and then fails when trying to attach the database. I can’t use the add/remove applet to remove WDM as its not ‘installed’ but it is on the VM.

    Think i’ll bin the VM and start again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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